Babypalooza Insulated Water Bottle

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Hydration is key for new and expectant moms. Make sure you’re getting your daily recommended H2O intake in style with our hot pink, 17 oz. copper, vacuum insulated Babypalooza water bottle.

The copper vacuum insulated water bottle is designed to eliminate condensation and prevent leaks so you can throw it into your purse or diaper bag without a second thought.

With its sleek design and 17 oz. size the Babypalooza water bottle satisfies your hydration needs. We make it easy for you to show your love for Babypalooza with this pink water bottle that is designed to last—so whether you are expecting your first child or are a mom on the go, we got you!

  • Copper constructed, vacuum insulated Babypalooza water bottle designed to keep your liquids cold
  • 17oz. standard sized water bottle that lets you stay hydrated on the go and at home
  • Condensation-free exterior to keep the exterior of the water bottle dry and tight seal to prevent leaks 
  • Hot pink water bottle branded with Babypalooza logo on the side in white
  • A reusable water bottle that is easy to clean so you can stay hydrated while reducing waste